We have been in business for 17 years! A stiletto is a dagger-like knife that has a narrow, razor sharp blade with a point shaped like a needle. Befitting the Italian title of “The Grand” or “The Great”, this deluxe 9.5 inch version of the Italian Milano St…. We offer genuine Italian knives, beautifully crafted using traditional methods and materials. Therefore, you will need to put in a lot of research and make sure you get the best knife for your money. Rust Coat. Instead of a spring-loaded blade, the Schrade Viper 3 uses a push-button lever at the base of the knife’s handle. The blade is nice and tight and superbly sturdy. This is one of the best stiletto knives on the market. The blade flies open, quick, and smooth, and in a hurry. The handle is designed to handle abuse and made out of compressed leather discs. At Knives Deal, you will find the perfect variety of MTech knives , Tac Force Knives and Elk Ridge Knives . Our Italian Stiletto Knives Are Incredible Imported quot;Switchblade quot; Style Automatic Knives From Italy. More importantly, the stiletto is easily concealable due to its compact size and light weight. The reason for this is because the stiletto’s narrow blade would easily fit through the chain mail or gaps in heavy armor to wound or kill an opponent. Global G-5, 7 Inch Vegetable Knife (Nakiri) $159.00 $87.95. The 24 Best stiletto knife For 2020. Some are great, but others will not be satisfactory. With you’re on a budget, this is without a doubt the best stiletto knife for the money. Well-designed for tactical use, the knife is classed as a double-action OTF automatic. The Viper 3 has an aluminum handle topped with a glass breaking or impact weapon spike on the opposite end of the blade. Maniago is known for being the “city of cutlery” and is home to some of the finest knife designs in the world, including stiletto switchblade knives. Order today and you’ll know you’ve got a razor-sharp, everyday carry knife that makes a statement! Found in 2 cases. Razor Candy Automatic Modern Push Button Stiletto Knife, Mayhem Automatic Modern Push Button Stiletto Knife, Deep Blue Pearl Automatic Push Button Stiletto Knife, Apocalyptic Automatic Push Button Stiletto Knife, Push Button Automatic Switchblade Modern Stiletto Knife, Limo Wreck Pushbutton Stiletto Automatic Knife, IL Grande Italian Milano Stiletto Titanium Real Tree Automatic Knife, Poison Jab Damascus Steel Titanium Automatic Stiletto Lever Lock Knife, Long Sacred Sacrifice Stiletto Fanning Knife, Automatic Switchblade Stiletto Knife Wood Handle, © 2020 SwordsSwords.com . These double-edged blades come with superior durability. Email him. $97.67 - $104.82. Italian stiletto switchblades are known for their uniqueness, beautiful handle … A stiletto is a knife or dagger with a long slender blade and needle-like point, primarily intended as a stabbing weapon. It’s important that you don’t mistake one for the other, since stilettos and assisted opening knives fulfill different niches. OTF Knives or Out the Front Knives are springloaded knives that eject from the handle at a push of a button. Add To Cart. Need a stiletto pocket knife? Neptune Trading Wood Stiletto. Switchblade Stiletto Automatic Knife, Black, 9.5 Inch. The Viper 3 has an included pocket clip for easy access and comfortable carry. If you are looking for an affordable Stiletto the Tac Force is for you. View as Grid List. 5.0 average, based on 5 reviews. $24.99. You can also take a look at our extensive range of serrated' knife to find the perfect one to enrich your life. Shop our huge selection of Italian stiletto knives. The stiletto has historically been used as a stabbing weapon for hundreds of years due to its basic yet efficient design, and is not as well suited for slashing or cutting.

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